Operated by Mexican Americans to serve the entire Hispanic Community



Puro Radio Amigo belongs to the group of stations of the Hispanic Targetn Media Inc,


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HISPANIC TARGET MEDIA is a company foucused on the production and outreach of the international american values in their diverse artistic and cultural expressions; especially musical, poetic and historic, as well as advice on how to personally excel, boradcasting profesionally with the objective of providing entertainment, culture, and constant aid for strengthening the everyday more important Hispanic sector in the United States of America, obtaining with our transmissions an extensive audience in the fast growing Hispanic population in this country that is estimated to reach the dazzling amount of one trillion dollars of purchase power by this year.  

With this in mind, radio stations have become an indispensable and fabulous tool to broadcast messages of promotion, sales and development of companies, associations and organizations of all sorts, achieving a more productive investment and impact on specific areas covered by the content in our radio stations.  

Wether you´d like to advertise or transmit interesting content  for a 10 minutes  or a few thirty second spots we can adjust to your budget. We´ve got FM stations in Arizona, Texas, Florida and  California.    Our compromise is to continue providing our services with a larger coverage and audience with our stations contributing in the development of cultural values and entertainment of our listeners as well as increasing the economic productivity of our sponsors. 

 the base of these stations of this Network is in Yuma Az here we transmit by 95.9 fm , in Bakersfield California 100.9 Fm, Modesto Ca, 106.7fm in Colusa Ca, 106.3 FM in Zapata tx in 103.9fm, in George West tx in 93.5fm, in San Diego Tx 102.5fm in Goliad tx 104.3fm in Snyder Tx 94.9 fm in Perry Florida in 107.7 fm 

 If you are interested in advertising at any of our stations please call us at 928-488-0222 

it's impossible you can not live without a radio

Place your products and services in the best way to reach the masses and get amazing results .. The Radio..Puro Radio Amigo 

Licenciado Juan Jose San millan

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